Alba García

Alba studied English philology at the University of Granada and went to live for one year in the UK as an Erasmus student. When she finished her degree Alba knew she wanted to work with children because she has a big family.

She used to spend most of her time looking after her cousins, so she has always had a huge connection with kids. Therefore, it was something she had to do before doing any masters related to high school education.

Taking into account this feeling, Alba moved to France where she started to work as an English assistant 3-6 but also 6-12 for 2 years. It was at that moment that she realized that her future would be linked with Montessori pedagogy: “It matches perfectly with my values and the way children must be treated”.

As a result, she did a training to learn how to manipulate a bit of Montessori materials at the Children’s House. Moreover, she started to read about Montessori pedagogy and became really interested in it.

Later, she also heard about schools that were half Montessori half forest school and she felt automatically attracted to this kind of project. Alba also has a huge connection with nature, as she was part of a mountain bike club, and she loves doing long hiking.

When she finished her project in France, she heard about Escola Natura and knew it was the kind of school she wanted to work at.

In the last months Alba finished her training as AMI Assistant 6-12 and in the future, she wants to keep studying to become an English AMI guide.