Ervin Gold

Ervin is an urban forester who discovered his passion for working with children during his tenure with a Croatian NGO.

After moving to Spain, he decided to pursue this newfound interest and began working as a children‘s monitor at a Barcelonian foundation, where he spent a year. Following this, he spent two years as an English teacher at an academy, working with children of various age groups. Over these three years, his curiosity developed into a genuine passion.

As a person who understands the difficulties and discomforts of a bad educational system, Ervin became highly motivated to create a positive learning environment; process-focused, empathetic, and valuable for everyone involved. He firmly believes that by providing children with support, positive reinforcement, trust, and respect, and by exposing them to appropriate challenges, we can help nurture kind, balanced, and healthy future adults.

After resigning from his previous position, Ervin took time to travel and reflect on his future path in life. One of his goals was to clearly define his wants and needs regarding his professional life. He concluded that his ideal career path combined his expertise in urban forestry and his love for nature with his experience and passion for educating children. After that was defined, it was a matter of finding the right place where he would be able to do that.

In his leisure time, Ervin enjoys being in nature, reading, skating, climbing, playing various games, drawing, painting, creating in general, and engaging in personal development.