Laura Fernandez

Laura is an Early Years teacher with a deep interest in understanding human development.

Over 10 years ago she moved from Galicia to the UK to do her Montessori diploma (birth to 6), and since then she has been working as a Montessori guide in different parts of the World (such as UK, Nicaragua, USA and Spain) trying to absorb as much as possible from the different cultures she was living in, and trying to understand the cultural impact they have on education.

She holds a Masters Degree in Neuroscience and Education (University of Bristol, UK) and is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher for both children and adults.

When she is not reading about the brain or practicing yoga (or reading about how yoga practices can change the brain) she can be found walking her dog with her husband and their daughter. Being such a passionate about the Montessori philosophy and having translated it into practice with tens of children in schools and currently with her toddler, Laura is always happy to share her educational experiences and views and to learn from those of others.