Windy Brzezinska

Windy’s journey with Montessori started when she was 3 years old when she attended a Casa de Niños herself in Portland Oregon where she is from, and so Montessori has had a special place in her heart from the earliest days.  She completed a bachelor of science in Psychology at the University of Portland and then completed her AMI 3-6 training in 2004.  Windy has guided in schools in Colorado and Washington States as well as in bilingual schools in Poland where her partner is from.  Windy has two young children of her own and after taking a break for some years to be at home with them she was inspired to return to the prepared environment (classroom:) with new energy.  Windy’s other passions include long distance trail running and skiing.  She has additionally worked as a river guide in Alaska and a Ski Patroller in Washington state.  Windy’s love of the outdoors has always been a guiding principal in how she parents and what themes she brings to the classroom! She believes that exposure to nature from the earliest days will create an unwavering connection and love of the natural world.