Berta Casanovas

Berta is the English Montessori Guide in the Children’s House at Escola Natura.


She has always known that she wanted to work in the field of education, so she studied Pedagogy at the Universitat de Barcelona.


There was something in her that wanted to explore the world, so she decided to move to Canada and, later, to the Netherlands. During this time she was working with children while learning from other cultures and different ways to educate.


Her Montessori journey started in France, where she worked in a Montessori school as an Assistant for the 6-12 and the 3-6 ages. She fell in love with this pedagogy and how Montessori sees the children, respects them, thinks of their development and created the material specially for them. Thanks to this amazing experience, she took the decision to start the AMI training in Prague and to understand how to bring Montessori into the environment that we call the Children’s House.


When she was younger, she attended to the scouting movement for several years and learnt to love and enjoy outdoor activities by exploring the nature. Berta thinks that is very important for the child to discover the world that we have around and to let them take care of it.